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By January 30, 2013March 25th, 2013Press

Experience the pinnacle of human skill, as Conner Productions dives into the realm of what defines us.

Among a growing trend of online videos featuring a collection of videos showing people doing incredible tricks, trick-shots and jumps, Conner Productions released a video, “People Are Awesome 2013 EDITION” showcasing human achievement across the globe. Incredibly popular, similar videos featuring jumps and sports have amassed upwards of 50 million views and counting. Edited to music, “People Are Awesome” videos are inspirational and motivational; they evoke emotions, namely incredulity and a refreshing desire to get off the computer and go outside! Conner Production’s 2013 Edition features athletes such as Henrik Harlaut, with a perfect score in the Winter X-Games and Kayakers paddling through some of the most remote conditions on the planet.

CEO Conner Lambden admits, “People are impressed when athletes go out of the way to push the limits of a sport, it shows a high level of dedication and is fun to watch.” In their latest video, Conner Productions curates athletes who push boundaries, and those who are just truly amazing in order to show some of the things humans are capable of, to those who might have never thought it was possible. Whether it’s summiting two 8,000 meter peaks within 48 hours or introducing bigger tricks into mogul skiing, people are always finding a way push boundaries. Watch it here:


Watch “People Are Awesome” here: