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Conner Productions Launches— Delivering Hollywood Caliber Effects For Amateur Editors

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Conner Productions, a Video Post Production Company launches in order to deliver high caliber video editing effects to amateur and hobbyist Video Editors through easy to use templates.

May 24, 2013 – Denver, CO — Conner Productions CEO Conner Lambden observes that, “there’s really no way for amateur video editors to have access to the effects used in commercials and movies without large budgets, which most don’t have.” The Denver startup, which makes Final Cut Pro X Templates, hopes to change that. In an effort to broaden the accessibility of “Hollywood Caliber Effects,” Conner Productions has designed various Video Projects, featuring collections of templates that allow users to easily customize and integrate professional effects into their videos.

The current market of high quality video editing templates consists of a plethora of templates, ranging from $50 to over $900. For many low budget editors, this is out of their range. Conner Productions Packages are $25, featuring a collection of video editing templates that synthesize together to craft a video.

Conner Productions chose to design their products for Final Cut Pro X to attract a rich audience of video editors, ranging from “first-timers,” all the way to industry professionals. Apple’s Final Cut Pro allows for Conner Production’s templates to fit smoothly into the video editing workflow, and allow for simplicity, while having the flexibility for complete customizability.

Amongst a growing trend of online videos, Conner Productions levels the playing field by allowing average Mac users the ability to rapidly increase their Post Production, allowing them to compete with professional, established video editing companies.


To learn more about Conner Productions, visit the website at or email us at


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As smart phones become more integrated into people lives and routines, Conner Productions delves into investing in expensive iPhone cases.

Every day, our lives depend more and more on our Smartphones. Whether it is just for email and games, or if it is used for a business, the majority of iPhone users have some sort of case or screen protector. Despite this protection, it’s easy to accidentally drop your phone, only to pick it up with a crack extending from one end of the screen to the other, or worse, a phone that no longer works.

With iPhones ranging from $200 – $400, it only makes sense to protect it with a proven case— the most popular being Otterbox and LifeProof. While a $30 – $100 invest may seem like a lot simply to protect your phone, an out of warranty phone would cost substantially more to replace. With LifeProof cases, users are able to take their iPhone more places, thanks to its waterproof enclosure, allowing it be brought swimming, snorkeling, skiing, and more.

An iPhone 5 plays a critical role in the day to day operations of Conner Productions LLC; enough of our operations are invested in a smartphone, that it, “doesn’t make sense to not protect with a superior, more expensive case.”

 As more peoples’ time, personal lives and business lives become invested in a smartphone, it makes business sense to protect this information and the phone from damage. On par with the trend of newer, better iPhone cases, Conner Productions LLC has decided to give away a free LifeProof case for iPhone 4/4s/5 in an online contest ending June 30. The contest can be accessed here: 


To enter the contest, enter on Conner Productions Facebook page here:



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Experience the pinnacle of human skill, as Conner Productions dives into the realm of what defines us.

Among a growing trend of online videos featuring a collection of videos showing people doing incredible tricks, trick-shots and jumps, Conner Productions released a video, “People Are Awesome 2013 EDITION” showcasing human achievement across the globe. Incredibly popular, similar videos featuring jumps and sports have amassed upwards of 50 million views and counting. Edited to music, “People Are Awesome” videos are inspirational and motivational; they evoke emotions, namely incredulity and a refreshing desire to get off the computer and go outside! Conner Production’s 2013 Edition features athletes such as Henrik Harlaut, with a perfect score in the Winter X-Games and Kayakers paddling through some of the most remote conditions on the planet.

CEO Conner Lambden admits, “People are impressed when athletes go out of the way to push the limits of a sport, it shows a high level of dedication and is fun to watch.” In their latest video, Conner Productions curates athletes who push boundaries, and those who are just truly amazing in order to show some of the things humans are capable of, to those who might have never thought it was possible. Whether it’s summiting two 8,000 meter peaks within 48 hours or introducing bigger tricks into mogul skiing, people are always finding a way push boundaries. Watch it here:


Watch “People Are Awesome” here: