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Introducing Conner Production’s latest free FCP X Template: Sparks. Sparks uses a collection of sparks that coalesce into a beautiful title effect in the color of your choice. Check it our below, and then download for free below.

Easily customize, color, color intensity, font, and more.

Specs: 1080p HD, 29.97 frames per second; 7.4 MB

How to install/use:

Unzip the download, then move the folder into ~/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles

In FCPX, you will find it under Title Templates, then “Conner Productions.” Just drag it onto the timeline and enjoy! Also, easily customize all of the colors and more right from inside Final Cut. If you need help, just contact us, and we will help you out.

Song: Dictaphone’s Lament – Tycho


(Having trouble downloading? Try using a different browser or turning off AdBlock/Ghostery)

Enjoy! Please let us know below in the comments if you have any questions or feedback.