[Download] Billow: Free FCP X Template

Introducing Conner Production’s latest free FCP X Template: “Billow.” Easily make an impressive looking full-screen title with lights and billowing smoke. Check out the demo video below, and then download for free!


Easily customize text size, color, light tint, orientation, add a custom Drop Zone, and more.

Specs: 1080p HD, 29.97 frames per second, Size: 22.1 MB

How to install/use

Just run the simple installer, then fire up Final Cut Pro X. You will find it under Title Templates, then “Conner Productions.” It’s name is “Billow” Simply drag it onto the timeline and enjoy! Also, easily customize all of the colors and more elements from right inside Final Cut. If you need help, just contact us, and we will help you get it working.

Song: Opportunity Cost – G-Eazy


(Having trouble downloading? Try using a different browser or turning off AdBlock/Ghostery)

Enjoy! As always, please let us know below in the comments if you have any questions or feedback.

  • Marshall

    Love it!

  • mack

    billow is not available or something?! waste

    • Hi Mack, please check your spam folder, you should’ve received a link.

  • SAB Pro

    Hey It shows up as a missing or curropt file along with most freebies i downloaded here any help?

    • Hi, what are you using to unzip the file? What exactly is the error message you’re getting?

  • John

    Installed twice but is not showing up in FCP X. I did get “Puff” to install and show up in the program so no idea why this one will not. Any ideas? Thanks for the freebies though, I will definitely be back to buy one of the others.

    • Hi John, are you checking in the “Conner Productions” folder within FCP X?

      • N0SNiid_

        Where is the “conner Productions” ???

  • Hey, I just downloaded the Billow file and installed it but when I go to drag it on the timeline, it changes from the billow icon to a red screen and a cautionary exclamation mark.

    • Hi Charlie— this is caused by not having the latest version of FCP X.

  • Mary Clare Brophy

    Hey so I downloaded the file and it says it is in my final cut but it doesnt work when I try to use it and shows me this…

    • Hi, that error is caused by not having the latest version of FCP X. Update and it will work.

  • Amir

    The donwload button isnt working can you send me the link

  • Molly

    It won’t let me download, Why?

    • Hi Molly, try again in a different browser— that usually does the trick.

      • Molly

        Hi, It’s still not working

  • aranza

    Muy chulo! Ganas de probarlo en aumento

  • janakiraman

    hi just downloaded but it didnt because .mpkg file didnt work could you please mail me the zip folder

  • janakiraman

    hi sir i try to download but .mpkg is not opening it says unidentified developer

  • siddharth

    can you please send me the link. it got downloaded but how should I install it?

    • Hi, just double click to run the installer.

      • siddharth

        it got installed ! But where can I see it on Fcp?

        • Hi, you can find it in your Title Templates folder under Conner Productions.

  • Desmond Troy McPherson


  • Andréa Blanchard

    Hello. I would like to get the Billow effect on my Final Cut Pro x, but it says ‘ impossible to open because the app come from a developer non identified….

  • Amber Gohn

    Works perfectly. You’re an angel for offering these free!

  • Boni

    Hi I tried to download this one, Can you send to totalmedia242@gmail.com ?

  • Jermaine Cobbins

    The intro downloads is showing up in FX but once I go to drag it over to my timeline, it shuts down my app. Any suggestions?

  • Many thanks

  • Jamie White

    It’s telling me I have installed this but it’s not showing up in my final cut pro?

    • Hi Jamie, make sure you have the latest version of FCP X. Can you restart Final Cut and search for the Billow Title?

  • Avinash Shevelly

    as soon as i installed, fcp crashed. why is that ? it opens and then crashes.

  • Mark

    the download does not work :(

  • Dat

    Love it

  • Arun Jogi

    how to i download tamplate for fcpx?