“Light Flash” Template – Free Final Cut Pro X Template

As our old Fourth of July Template, we’re giving away “Light Flash,” a free Final Cut Pro X template for you guys to download. Check it out below, we think you’ll like it:

Specs: 1080p HD, 29.97 frames per second

How to install/use: Just run the simple installer, then open up final Cut Pro X. You will find it under Title Templates, then “4th of July.” Just drag it onto the timeline and enjoy! Also, easily customize all of the colors and more right from inside Final Cut. If you need help, just contact us, and we will help you out.

Download Now:

Enjoy! Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Since there’s nothing more American thane Abe Lincoln riding a bear…

Happy 4th!

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  • Adam S

    Looks nice, thank you!

  • juniwa

    It doesn’t work, i mean can’t unzip this file. YOu finished its promotion?
    plz.,let me know..thanks

    • Conner Productions

      Hi Juniwa, the download link is fixed and is working now! (There was a minor problem with how the server was delivering files) Please try downloading again.

      • Daman

        it downloaded another plug in instead of the 4th of july one help!!!

        • Hi Daman, can you try downloading again— looks a like a few things got mixed up. Sorry about that!

  • Ahmet Yaz?c?

    can we still get this? biakilver@gmail.com

  • flo

    Merci pour le template

  • Baylen Hudson

    HI Conner, I really enjoy your work, although I did have one concern. In this particular Template is there any way to get rid of the Black Diagonal Rectangle in the background that pops up at nearly the end of the duration of the template? I am working on a music video and it would be absolutely perfect if only I could remove that diagonal black rectangle so that it does not diminish my intro. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!!!

    • Hi Baylen, can you send me a screenshot? Also, you’re welcome to edit the template in Motion 5 if that might help.

  • check out my video its on youtube i use these effects and others. RMF ENT Music Channel. Enjoy and id like your opiion.