ConnerPro Trap gives a stunning, colorful, and dynamic look. Works in any video.

Easy To Use

Just drag and drop the Effect onto the clip you would like, then select the object you would like to highlight. (View Tutorial)


Easily tweak effect frequency, color, strength, object source, and more.


Stunning Effects Within FCP X. Easy & Affordable.




Larry Jordan

Conner has given us some of the best working templates out there!

David Westenhaver

The titles and transition templates helped me create professional looking ski edits from start to finish.

Jannick Fjeldsoe

The process, pricing and installation were a breeze! Very nice. Can't wait to use them in my next edit project.

Jerry Johnson

I really like the colors and saturation on your templates. They're just lovely ! Thank You!

Daniel Cho

Very pleased with the Blurry Slide and Zoom Flash transitions in particular (from the Light Transitions Pack), because they're effective and distinctive but don't show off too much. I use Zoom Flash speeded up a little, to give me pacing if I need to snap up a little, discrete but fun.


Awesome templates and so easy to use! Just cant beat these professional effects!


Perfectly Suited For…

Beginner Editors Independent Filmmakers Hobbyist Editors Creative Professionals


Tech Specs

Template Specs:

  • Broadcast HD 1080p
  • 29.97 fps
  • Square Pixel Aspect Ratio
  • Instant download


  • Mac OSX 10.5 or higher
  • Latest Version of Final Cut Pro X
  • Capable Mac Computer