[Download] Puff: Free Final Cut Pro X Template

Introducing Conner Production’s latest free FCP X Template: Puff. Puff allows you to make a beautiful swirl of colors with your text. It’s visually impressive, but not distracting. Check it our below, and then download for free.

Easily customize orientation, colors, and color intensity.

Specs: 1080p HD, 29.97 frames per second

How to install/use: Just run the simple installer, then open up final Cut Pro X. You will find it under Title Templates, then “Conner Productions.” Just drag it onto the timeline and enjoy! Also, easily customize all of the colors and more right from inside Final Cut. If you need help, just contact us, and we will help you out.

Song: New Day – Unknown Prophets


(Having trouble downloading? Try using a different browser or turning off AdBlock/Ghostery)

Enjoy! Please let us know below in the comments if you have any questions or feedback.

  • Virgilio Troncoso Junior

    Dosen’t unlock to download.Thanks

    • I just emailed you a direct download link. Enjoy.

      • Dennis

        I did the same thing and didn’t get a download link

  • Neema


  • Walter Davis

    Cool but the links aren’t working for download. I liked the Conner Productions on Facebook

    • Hi Walter, I just sent you a direct download link. Enjoy.

      • Alessandro E Floriana Franchi

        please can you send it to me, too? Same problem!
        Compliments and Thank you for the great job man! :-)

  • thanks! the share to unlock + download worked well for us — cheers!

  • Adam

    Really cool plugins. downloaded all the demos, nice job. So good I’m planning to buy one of your project! :) keep up the good work :D

  • Ross Hunter

    The Google+ link worked fine for me. Thanks.

  • Javier

    I am trying since few weeks ago to download them but any of them are running, its says the file is damage in all of them as soon as I run the installer. Please help.

    • Just sent you an email!

      • Javier

        Thanks a million for answering this fast! I will check it and let you know.

  • J.CheN

    ?! Can’t Download this ?!

  • dougneale

    could you send me a link

  • dougneale

    i am sorry but could you send me a link again

  • Phil

    Tried “liking” to get the link and an error occurred.

  • in2uition

    I am having a bit of trouble with the plugin… I downloaded and
    installed it on my mac and it shows up in final cut. However, it does
    not show an editable parameters when I try to use it. I am shown a
    yellow caution triangle with a text symbol in the middle. Can you please
    explain how to apply the plugin? Thank you in Advance!

    • Hi in2uition, I think this might be caused by a download error. Could you try deleting the templates, then re-downloading and re-installing? let me know if it still doesn’t work. Thanks.

      • Shaheen

        I’m having the same problem, tried re-installing twice. Any help?

        • Make sure you have the latest version of Final Cut. Some of the older versions have a bug that may cause this to happen.

  • DestructoTex

    Tweeted… twice… and it didn’t unlock for me. :(

    • Sometimes that functionality just acts funny.. Just emailed you a download link.

  • Riteish

    how to download? there is no links

    • Hi Riteish, you will need to either tweet or share to unlock the download link. Thanks.

  • Jordan James Obrien

    good but it has connor productions over it

  • phils_worcs

    Tried liking, and didn’t get a download link…

  • Chess

    no download link after tweeting?

  • Jake

    Tweeting didn’t work for me. Link?

  • nattawat tubtimtong

    thx u so mush

  • Oscar B

    Hmm, didn’t get the link. Can you send please 79honda@gmail.com?

  • Matt

    I also have the watermark, could I please get a copy with a white background?
    emial: matt.orwin@icloud.com
    Cheers man!

    • Hi Matt, there should be no watermark— everything is completely customizable. Also, make sure you have the latest version of FCP X.

  • CF

    Hi, I cant download it… please send it to: cederborg1@telia.com :)

  • Guest

    thx boss

  • me

    i can’t download it, can you comment the link here please?

  • Frank

    I cannot unlock to download, can you email me at hidefmedia7@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

  • Jeannie

    Can you send me the correct link please?

  • singadun

    thank you very much?

  • Ben

    whenever i try to use one of these in my videos the tites come out very laggy for some reason

    • Hi Ben, is this after rendering out of FCP X? What’s your frame rate?

  • Peggy Roth

    can you send the PUFF EFFECT on my mail : “re.gen@gmx.de”

  • Bernard Schaefers

    Thanks! The share to unlock.

  • Donald Sumclass

    Conner, I’m not on any social media site and don

  • Donald Sumclass

    Conner, I’m not on any social media sites and don’t have a g-mail account either. Would you please send me a direct link for the Free Puff Download of the PUFF. Thank you. Donald

  • Donald Sumclass

    Conner, I would also like to have a direct link to the Free Stix download as well. Thank you for your time and consideration. A FCPX user.

  • Vin Vader


  • aranza

    muy bonito

  • Christian Yeye L’Artiste


  • Boni

    Hi I tried to download, I shared but still no cigar. Can you send to totalmedia242@gmail.com ?

  • Te’Keiva Farley

    How do I Download the effects on my final cut pro program? What installer do i need to download? I have a Apple MacBook 10.11.6

    • Hi, it’s a self installer— just double click to install.

      • Te’Keiva Farley

        I did that. What do i do after that? I go in my final cut pro x program and dont see them in there.

        • It should be under the “Conner Productions” category, you might need to search for it. If you still can’t find it, try restarting Final Cut

          • Te’Keiva Farley

            I restarted it and still nothing. I unzip the file then i click on the other icon and it just sends me to finder and cant do anything with that. Am i supposed to save it somewhere. Sorry im new to the Apple MacBook.

          • Hi, no need to save anything. Just run the installer and it will automatically appear in Final Cut. Here’s some FAQ’s: https://www.connerpro.com/faqs