Free Final Cut Pro X Film Burns Effects & Transitions

With the growing popularity of Film Burns Effects, we thought we would make some free ones for Final Cut Pro X! Rather than having to mess with things like blend modes, we’ve gone ahead and already made them into FCPX Effects and Transitions that you can easily install.

Here’s a short demo:

Conner Production’s Free Film Burns (For Final Cut Pro) comes with four unique Burns Effects and two Unique Burns Transitions.





  • Instant Download
  • HD 1080p 29.97 fps 
  • 4 Effects & Two Transitions
  • Compatible with FCPX & Motion 5

Tip: The Burns look best on clips that are about 5-15 seconds long. Have fun with these and don’t overuse them!

Free Download:

Please let us know in the comments section if you liked it or have any questions. Want more? Check out some more free Film Burns Effects here:

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  • Alyssa

    Thanks for the download!

  • Rowan Banks

    Great stuff. Slight issue with the Burns 2 effect in that I just get a grey & white checkerboard…any ideas?

    • Glad you like it. Thanks for noticing, it was a media disconnect issue, but we just fixed it! Try re-downloading in about 20 minutes (the fixed version is uploading) and it will work. Thanks.

  • nirna

    How to download if you don’t have Twitter, Facebook or Google+?

  • cfrioes

    The download link is not working… page not found.

    • Hi, I just tested it, and it’s working, please try again.

      • cfrioes

        I put my email and shows a page with this text:
        404 Not Found

  • Henrik Haupt

    Hi – I dont use either google+ twitter or Facebook can you please help me getting the download link.
    Thanls in advance

  • Jose

    I just did everything, and still cant download. Can you Help me?

  • JavaJed

    This looks great, but I tried to download and got this message: “Sorry but you have hit your download limit for this file”, even though I have not downloaded it yet.

    • Hi, I just tested it and it is working. Please try again and let me know if it still doesn’t work.

  • Ilan

    Hi, I just downloaded the free sample free, and I just have the splash and the perspective effect, but not the burns effect. Why ? But thanks for the free download effects, that’s cool :D

  • Julian Kane

    Hey Connor, I’m trying to get the burn effect. When I downloaded it, I received a title instead of the effect.

    • Hi Julian, make sure you use the Tweet/Like to unlock, and not the form below it. Thanks.

  • Michelle

    Hi, Thank you for sharing goooood source to us!
    but I can’t download this source. I got the msag “Sorry but you have hit your download limit for this file.” when I click the download text link..
    I didn’t never download before.. ?_? plz help me.

    • Sorry about that, please try again now!

      • Michelle

        omg! so fast! thank you so much! <3

  • Mark

    Thank you very much for this! :))

  • Andrea

    Hi, I unlocked the download with the G+ like, but still nothing. Help, please?

  • Nicholas Chiang

    where is the link?

  • AB

    I can never get to this download. I have tweeted, G+, and still the links go back and forth between this page and the members area. So annoying. I’d love to use these.

  • Nicholas Chiang

    I’m still not able to find the download link. I’ve clicked the share button for Google+ but I’m sent to a members area that says link below but there is no link. Please email me the correct link!

  • John

    Hi Conner, can’t seem to get any of the buttons to work?

    • Hi John, some users are reporting issues with the auto-download. I’ve just sent you a download link.

  • Cliff Rogers

    Hi, I can’t seem to get the download link. Please help…

  • Mike

    Hi Connor the link isn’t working. Can I get a direct link sent to my email?

  • hello! these look great! I can’t get the download link to work though!

  • Silver Edits

    Could you send me the link dude these look great but I can’t download them

  • Hi Conner, any chance you can send the download link. The page above just goes round in a loop to another page with no download starting. Thanks.

  • Jack Close

    Hello these are great, exactly what I have been looking for. Could you please send me a link?

  • Noone

    I’m just commeting to say how baffled I am for the automatic/pseudo comments on this page. Does this really work to improve views/clicks and the like? I mean, doesn’t it affect your self-respect?

  • Trellany Udall

    Can i get the direct download link

  • KiDoel Cakruk Rt Wolu

    sent the direct download link to please…..

  • Phil Wonder Porto

    Can you send a link to

  • Norton

    Hi – looks awesome, please send the link to – Tweeted but the download link is still locked. Thanks!

  • Yuri Figueroa

    Just grabbing these in 2016. They’re awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Adam

    Can’t get the link. Please email to Thanks!

  • duric

    can u sent it to

  • Charlie

    Could I have the DDL to please. Did both but doesn’t work.

  • Evan Forst

    Can you send the link to tried either button but both didn’t work

  • stefano laguzzi


  • Hayden Bryars

    Hi Connor, these burns look great. But the link won’t work. Can I get the link emailed?
    Thanks in advance for sharing these resources and tools.

  • Trent Freeman

    Any chance this is still active and you could send me the link? Love the look. trent@trentfreeman:disqus .com

  • Danielle Karalus

    I’d love the link to this if it’s still available –

  • Ruth

    Hey I cant get the download link… Can you help me out…

  • Kayleigh Anne Ebenezer

    Hi!! Is this still available? Can you send me a link? xx

    • Kayleigh Anne Ebenezer

      I’m an idiot! Just figured it out from the very basic instructions…

  • Chính Tr?n

    Thank for your plugin… so good for me

  • Fidel Junior Kinunda

    I liked the page but i didnt get my download… could you please send to